Author: Gary Rutkowski

Everyone’s playing Powerball

ST. ALBANS — If the 1 in 292 million odds didn’t dissuade them from opening their wallets then there’s proof that hope springs eternal in Franklin County where Powerball fever continues to pump up the potential winnings. Powerball officials say matching all the numbers with a $2 ticket in tonight’s drawing would give a sole winner a prize of $1.5 billion – the largest jackpot in the world. After federal taxes the lump sum reward of $930 million would stand at $651 million, and then there is the state tax. Vermont would take 6 percent. Enriching the government wasn’t...

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The sewers of 1913

An age without hope of ending pollution locally ST. ALBANS — Imagine a stinking ribbon of sewage meandering through back yards and human waste flooding Main Street during heavy rains. What if the best solution offered was to pipe the community’s excrement to a marsh right on the shores of a nearby lake? After all, that would allow the sewage to “purify naturally.” What if a brook traversing the nearest farmland became so foul that health officials within those farmers’ out-of-state market refused to accept their milk? Imagine the state’s laboratory director not only questioning that but also adding that “the...

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Hamm closes chapter at museum

Warren Hamm stands near one of the many displays in the Military Room in the St. Albans Historical Museum. Among the many goals he pursued as president of the institution was to personalize history, providing names of local people to help tell the community’s stories. Hamm stepped down as museum president on Saturday, after 24 years in the...

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Learning United

Franklin Grand Isle United Way on Saturday held its annual Kids Fair at St. Albans City Hall. Local UW agencies that receive education funding from UW were on hand to promote “Learning United.” City Hall auditorium was colorfully decorated as children were provided with ample opportunity for fun during a rainy...

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