Author: Elodie Reed

Tearful Carlson: not guilty

ST. ALBANS — Maria Carlson sobbed as she approached her defense attorney in Franklin County Superior Court Tuesday. Handcuffed, Carlson struggled to pull tissues from a box. The 35-year-old, of Swanton, looked back at her family – filling several rows of court benches – before facing Judge Robert Mello. Through public defender Steve Dunham, Carlson pleaded not guilty to two counts of grossly negligent operation with a fatality resulting. She was then released on $50,000 bail and a number of conditions. Carlson’s charges are a result of a car accident on Route 7 around 12:30 p.m. last Thursday. Her...

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TO SAVE LIVES: Narcan can

ST. ALBANS CITY — They were in a car in Burlington about three weeks ago. A man and two friends had just bought heroin from a dealer, and four of them sat there, shooting up. The man, a 26-year-old Georgia resident, says that a female friend in the car, wasn’t a regular drug user. “It was stronger stuff,” he says, adding that he, his friend and the dealer told her to only use half a bag, or a whole one, but no more. “She did three bags,” he says. “By the time I was done doing my thing, I...

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ST. ALBANS TOWN: Long haul to cross roads

ST. ALBANS TOWN — You have to hand it to officials at Town Hall. From all indications they are working hard to get its taxpayers some crosswalks. In the continuing 15-month saga between the town and the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) officials did a site visits Monday with a crew in tow: several selectboard members, town manager Carrie Johnson, Department of Public Works director Steve Beauregard, representatives of Ruggiano Engineering, Collins Perley Sports & Fitness Complex manager Dave Kimel and two media members. The officials, Michael Golden and Tyler Guazzoni, are in VTrans’ traffic operations division. Golden also...

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ST. ALBANS CITY: Tree people branch out

ST. ALBANS CITY — Drivers and passersby in the city may notice a few people in orange vests, standing beneath trees and burying their noses in iPads. They’re not absent-minded technology users who accidentally wandered outside. They’re foresters. And they’re not using Facebook or Twitter. Instead, using a Google Map-like system, they’re inventorying trees. St. Albans City is one of 20 municipalities in the state taking part in a 2015 special project conducted by the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program and funded by the U.S. Forest Service. In a partnership between the University of Vermont Extension and the...

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ST. ALBANS — It’s hot, it’s summer, and it’s ice cream season. Eating the good stuff is the easy part. The hard part? Keeping all that ice cream cool. It’s a challenge that the St. Albans Ben & Jerry’s factory may know better than anyone else. The estimated 135,000-square-foot building, located in the St. Albans Town Industrial Park, churns out an average of 1.6 million gallons of ice cream every month – pints, bulk, and single scoop servings – and about 400 pints are produced each minute. All the mixing machines mixing, the filling machines filling, the conveyor belts...

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