Author: Elodie Reed


BAKERSFIELD — On some days, Bakersfield native Alayna Westcom makes appearances around the state, wearing a Miss Vermont sash and crown in full makeup, dress and jewelry. Other days, the petite 24-year-old, now a Sheldon resident, is in scrubs and a ponytail, working either as a medical technologist at Northwestern Medical Center or as an autopsy technician at the University of Vermont Medical Center. Yes, you read that right. Miss Vermont sees dead people. And she likes it. “I want to be a medical examiner,” Westcom said this week. She added of pathology, “It’s just so fascinating. I can’t...

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No time to waste

ENOSBURGH — Ferdinand Lauffer says that on Sundays during the 1960s most everyone in his small German hometown of Dauchingen took a walk. “It was forbidden to work. Sunday was a day of rest,” Lauffer said Thursday. “There was no mowing the law or anything, so you go on trips. You go on a bicycle trip or go hiking.” Lauffer’s father would take him on long walks and hikes. Not climbing, though: “My dad was an amputee from the war,” said Lauffer. Of the long, “endless,” walks, he added: “I grew to like them.” Lauffer said his father would...

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Food From the Heart

ST. ALBANS — A flurry of activity has overtaken the Northwest Technical Center, all for the sake of food. On Thursday, students rushed around the building trades shop, several with paint brushes and a few using a saw. Instructor Mark Capsey attended to a stream of students knocking on his office door, all eagerly asking what they could do next to continue the year’s first project: building an American flag from soup and tuna cans and waving as if in wind, placed on wheels. The project, called “Can-struction,” is one piece of a community food drive with the campaign...

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WATER QUALITY: What can you do?

ST. ALBANS — So it’s storming heavily outside, you’ve got a nice lawn and a house, and look: there’s some pretty serious water running across your land. Chris Boget’s suggestion? Stick a tree in it. “It’s going to just soak it up,” he said. Boget, executive director of the Lake Champlain Land Trust, like many others, is in the business of improving water quality. He, too, is concerned about phosphorous-fed cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae, that continues to bloom in Lake Champlain and chases swimmers, boaters and water drinkers (not to mention wildlife) away. Heavy, violent storms keep pouring water...

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Dunne just beginning

ST. ALBANS — Admittedly it’s early in the 2016 gubernatorial race, and Democratic candidate Matt Dunne knows that. He’s so aware of it, he acknowledges he doesn’t have a platform yet. That’s why he’s attending small gatherings – such as the one here at Jeff Young’s St. Albans home Thursday night – to hear from Vermonters, understand the issues on the ground, and decide what he’ll to run on. Young is a former Democratic state representative and city council member. “The campaign starting as early as it has, has it’s downsides” said Dunne, adding that a year-and-a-half-long campaign is...

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