Author: Elodie Reed

EARLY CHILDHOOD: Littlest students passing big test

ST. ALBANS —  At the very end of one of St. Albans Town Educational Center’s long corridors, sits a door with a sign reminding parents to bring in their children’s baby pictures. Opposite the door are cubbies with the smallest of jackets hanging on hooks. Entering through the door, a teacher and classroom assistant move around the room. They are surrounded by the high voices, small hands and the busy bodies of three and four year olds as they go through their preschool day. After sitting in a circle and listening to a story read by teacher Kelsey Rouleau,...

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Remembering Rene

ENOSBURGH — Rene Longley wasn’t scared to die. That’s why he did flying wheelies on any vehicle he came across, why he drove fast, and why he had his fair amount of tickets from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. It’s why he was a logging and farm hand, and why he stuck his hands in any machine that needed fixing. It’s also why he scooted underneath a malfunctioning hay baler, without hesitation, to repair it on a Highgate farm June 19. The machine wasn’t propped up by a block of wood or other support, and it fell, killing Longley...

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SWANTON: Stone elevator catches on fire

SWANTON — Three fire departments responded to a fire at Swanton Limestone Co. Monday night. According to Swanton Fire Department Chief Tim Girard, the call came in around 6:50 p.m. “The conveyor belt … that goes to a [crushed] stone silo – that conveyor belt was on fire,” he said by phone today. Swanton firefighters responded, and due to Swanton Limestone’s distance away from any water source, St. Albans Town and Highgate fire department tankers were called to provide water. Once everyone was there, Girard said it was a relatively quick process to extinguish the conveyor belt. “We put...

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Danger in a visitor’s homeland

ST. ALBANS — The recent military coup d’état in Ouagadougou, the capital of western African country Burkina Faso, seems incredibly far away from northern Vermont. But for Jonas Kambire, it hits very close — just a two-hour drive from his home village. Kambire, 20, is staying with host Kate Larose in St. Albans for his second summer. The two met over a decade ago when, from 2002 and 2004, Larose was a Peace Corps volunteer in Tioyo, Burkina Faso. When Kambire got to visit Larose in 2014, he explored major U.S. cities, read many books, watched movies, played soccer,...

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