Author: Elodie Reed

COURT: Quaid remains in lockup

ST. ALBANS — Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be famous. At least that’s what the lawyer for a Hollywood actor believes. In the case of Oscar-nominated actor Randy Quaid and his actress, producer and director wife, Evi, property crimes allegedly committed five years ago – and complicated bail bonding – have brought them to where they are today: held on $500,000 bail, each, at Northwest State and Chittenden Regional correctional facilities after trying to cross the Canadian border into Vermont with an extraditable bench warrant. Both were arraigned in those respective county superior courts Monday, and both continued to...

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ST. ALBANS — In the midst of the St. Albans Town Educational Center’s morning drop-off chaos, involving cars, crossing guards and coffee, Mark Fenton picked out two things Thursday: young students playing a running game, and then… “Hey look, a bicycle!” Fenton said, pointing enthusiastically to Route 7. Shortly thereafter, Fenton found a wooded path used by some SATEC students along the St. Albans State Highway (SASH) access. A half-dozen students walking through told him they used the path every day, and he eventually followed their steps to where they crossed SASH and Route 7 intersection. They waited on...

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OUTDOORS: To hunt a moose

FAIRFAX — Ten years ago, Tammy Miller was going through a divorce. To make ends meet, she decided to hunt in order to put food on the table for herself and her pre-teen son. Miller soon met her husband-to-be, Eric, who taught her archery and how to use a rifle. Years of hunting practice, marriage eight years ago and a lucky moose lottery draw for 2015 eventually led to last Friday, when Miller took down a 931-pound bull moose in the woods of Norton with a bow and arrow. In addition to filling up their freezers with meat for...

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A sweet place

FAIRFIELD — On a chilly October afternoon, the dining room in the Fairfield Community Center was bright, warm and full of people. It also was filled with apples. Following the center’s weekly Tuesday senior lunch yesterday, volunteer and Fairfield food shelf coordinator Jane Dobrowolski had some plans: make lots and lots of apple sauce. She had help from volunteers and half a dozen of the 25 or so seniors who had just eaten lunch there. The apples, drops from Chapin Orchards that Dobrowolski and her husband collected and donated, filled 10 five-gallon buckets placed throughout the dining room. “Look...

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Go Wild! A naturalist’s notebook

BAKERSFIELD — I’ve never witnessed people more excited about fungi than those I met three Sundays ago. A group of two-dozen people or so gathered just off the dirt portion of Waterville Road in Bakersfield, eagerly listening to MoTown Mushrooms fungi enthusiasts, mycologists and spouses Jason Bednarz and Monica Gallardo for how to hunt for mushrooms. While probably half the group and I would normally be pushing a cart through a grocery store around 1:30 p.m. on a Sunday, here we all were, ready to forage for our own fungus. We planned to look along the Shattuck Mountain Trail,...

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