ST. ALBANS — “Has anyone here witnessed an overdose or administered Narcan before?” asked Turning Point staff member Melinda Lussier, before equipping residents with free kits of Narcan, a drug used to reverse an opiate overdose, one Friday morning.


Part of the Vermont Dept. of Health’s Opioid Overdose Prevention Pilot Program, the recovery services center in St. Albans City is the only site in Franklin County that offers free Narcan nasal spray to residents after a quick training session.


A young man in the room attending the training raised his hand and shared his story.


He said heroin took the lives of two people he loved. The first time, it was his younger sibling. They shot up together. He survived; his sibling was not so fortunate. The sibling didn’t make it.


Months later, the young man was back at it again, this time shooting heroin with a parent. He survived; his parent didn’t.


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