ALBURGH — Firefighters from 14 communities spent the night battling a blaze in Alburgh.

Alburgh firefighters were called to 117 Firehouse Rd. at 12:20 this morning. Heavy smoke was coming from all sides of the two-story home when firefighters arrived, according to Alburgh Fire Chief Tyler Gotshall.

Owner Michael Lamphere and his family called in the fire and were able to escape from the home safely, according Gotshall.

Fire investigators were on the scene this morning to determine the cause of the fire.

Wind and cold complicating efforts to extinguish the blaze. A wind-chill advisory remained in effect until 1 p.m. today. “The wind was pushing the fire a little bit through the house,” said Gotshall.

“It was so cold the guys kept getting wore out,” he said. “We had to keep calling in relief crews.”

The closest hydrant was frozen and nearby portions of Lake Champlain were also frozen, forcing firefighters to bring water in tankers from the fire station, explained Gotshall.

Three crews were called in from New York State and another three from Quebec. Multiple crews from Franklin and Grand Isle counties also were on the scene.

Alburgh’s firefighters returned to the fire station at 8 this morning. No injuries were reported.