ST. ALBANS — The prosecution is pressing to change the conditions of release for a Georgia man involved in an early January shooting.

Prosecutors are asking that Ethan Gratton, 27, be held in 24-hour curfew while awaiting trial on charges of second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder, stemming from a shooting that took the life of David Hill and hospitalized Mark Brito with serious injuries.

Following the shooting, Gratton was held without bail until a mid-April ruling by Judge A. Gregory Rainville, who determined that Gratton was legally eligible for bail due to multiple factors. Gratton had no prior criminal record, had not posed a danger to society as a whole, Rainville wrote, and the incident in question is without witnesses, leaving the question of whether Gratton acted in self-defense open.

Rainville also wrote it was uncertain whether state prosecutors could prove Gratton acted with intent, an important factor in the charges, since Gratton sustained severe head trauma during a physical confrontation preceding the shooting.

Gratton has been released from custody, on multiple conditions, since Rainville’s decision, continuing to live with his parents in Georgia and finding a new job.

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