ALBURGH — This past weekend, things got a little muddy.

The Green Mountain 4WD Club held its twice-annual mudding event on Saturday, encouraging mud enthusiasts to get their trucks and 4-wheelers banged up and dirty.

The event was held on the Metevier property off of Boutah Road in Alburgh. A favorite spot, the private property has more than 50 acres of trails and wet fields that the Green Mountain 4WD Club has permission to ride on. Various mudding sections have been christened with names like “Brave Souls’ Hole” and “The Octopus” over the years.

Many camped out Friday night to be on sight early the next morning, and a bunch more made the drive up Saturday. Mudders came from all over, from the southern reaches of Vermont and from northwards of the Canadian border.

On average, the event draws between 100 and 200 people. Men, women and families of all ages participated Saturday in four-wheeled vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and conditions.

Club president Tim Hathaway said the large number of participants is what makes the event attractive to mudders.

“Everybody’s here to help each other out,” he said. If anyone gets stuck in the mud, which is inevitable, another truck is right there to pull the first vehicle out.

“Everyone goes in together, everyone comes out together,” Hathaway added.

Saturday was a good day for it, with cooler temperatures and some fresh mud after a rainy night. Water was several feet deep in some spots, but not too deep to stop dedicated mudders from getting through.

Rusty Russin, a mechanic from Franklin, is a mudding veteran at 46 years old. “I’ve been bombing through the mud forever,” he said. “We all started out when we were 17.”

When asked about the appeal of mudding, Russin said, “I guess you can just beat on your truck and not worry about it.”

Mudding season lasts from spring to autumn, with events like last weekend’s taking place formally twice a year, more informally on various weekends. Hathaway pointed out that the Green Mountain 4WD Club usually rides on private property and always has permission to do so.