ST. ALBANS — Charlie Price’s big break came in a yard sale.

Price, 75, was moving from the home he had shared with his sister, who had recently passed away.

“I was selling off everything I could, because there are only three rooms here,” Price said, gesturing around his current residence, a small apartment in the city. “I didn’t have enough space for all my stuff I had.”

Charlie Price painting

This is one of several paintings by Charlie Price on display at at Fairfield’s Meeting House on the Green.

That stuff was an entirely unknown oeuvre of artwork, composed without a public peep through decades in Fairfield and, later, St. Albans. Price had paintings on paperboard, paintings on windows, painting on tables, all displaying what his discoverers now characterize as Price’s trademark style: a rudimentary, simple and colorful “folk art,” as Michele Bessett put it.

It was Bessett who stumbled across the Price collection.

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