ST. ALBANS — The community he has served for 20 years gathered Friday to celebrate the legacy of Ted Mable, who is retiring at the end of this month from his job leading Northwestern Counseling and Support Services (NCSS).

Mable took over Franklin County Mental Health Agency and built it into an agency that serves 4,300 people annually across the region from infants born with disabilities to the elderly and every age in between.

The agency now employs over 500 people, a more than five-fold increase during Mable’s tenure.

Mable, a native of the area, returned to Franklin County after careers in education and work at the Agency of Human Services as both Deputy Secretary and Director of Policy, Research and Planning.

Jeff Benay chaired the board that hired Mable to head Franklin County Mental Health in 1998. Some on the board opposed Mable’s appointment, said Benay. When he asked them why, he was told that Mable was “a dandy.”

“He wore a linen suit to the interview,” said Benay.

While Mable may have been a dandy, hiring him “was the best decision we’ve ever made,” said Benay.

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