ST. ALBANS — St. Albans Town Director of Administration Ned Connell provided a quarterly update to the town selectboard Monday night, briefly outlining his top five duties, including the town plan and stormwater management ordinance.

The board also continued their discussion about a draft purchasing policy.

At the top of his to-do list is the town plan, which expires in August of 2017, according to Connell. If it were to expire, the town would lose its eligibility for a number of grants, he said.

Connell said he hopes to get the plan done around that time. “That would be a record breaker,” said Bruce Cheeseman, vice chair of the board.

Connell said the plan is time consuming, but not a big deal because it’s only an update and he’s done a number of town plans before.

Second on his list is the stormwater management ordinance and utility. Connell said he’s just starting to form that right now, tailoring it to the town’s needs. Part of the ordinance will include how improvements to flow restoration plans are going to be paid for, according to Connell.

Chair Stan Dukas asked when the town would first need money upfront. “Essentially now,” Connell answered. He said he and Voegele set aside money in the budget already to get things going. “We’ve got to start making motions forward,” Connell said.

He said there is also anywhere from 60 to 75 expired stormwater management permits around town. Over a 20 year time period, the cost for rehabilitating those permits is estimated to be $5 million, assuming some inflation, according to Connell.

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