From the Saint Albans Museum:

We do not have a lot of information to go along with this wonderful image, which was taken at St. Albans City Hall on Nov. 11, 1934. Obviously, it was an event sponsored by the St. Albans American Legion club, hence the large banner above the stage. Fortunately, we do have the names of the players in Sterling Weed’s Imperial Orchestra, and it appears that all the members of the orchestra are in World War I uniform.

Left to right are: “Ren” Weed, trumpet; Malcomb Hodges, bass; Ora Weed, trombone; Leon “Fritz” Carl, violin; Robert Williams, drums; Cliff Ashline, banjo; George Cahill, piano; Sterling Weed, sax and clarinet; Oliver “Sailor” Gaurveau, sax and clarinet.

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