ST. ALBANS –– When Jon Tenney launched his home-based photography business here in 2009 he wanted a unique name for it.

So he played with his own.

Jon operates 10e Photography out of his Brigham Road home, which he shares with his wife, Barbara, a local English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, and their two sons.

However, Jon, a portrait photographer, does not have a home studio. Instead, he shoots entirely on location – a tip he learned from portrait photographer Fuzzy Duenkel four years ago, at a seminar in Wisconsin. Duenkel said most photo subjects are more comfortable in their own environment, instead of the photographer’s studio, so Jon decided to try it.

“It works for me,” Jon said.

For example, he specializes in senior portraits and meets his clients in their home, which keeps them comfortable and relaxed, he said.

Jon’s other specialties are children, families and team sports. He is the team sports photographer at the St. Albans Town Educational Center.

Jon enjoys working with all his subjects and makes them feel at ease. He also has good chemistry with children.

“I enjoy working with kids,” he said. “I love it.”

Jon uses digital equipment, but when he was a kid, growing up in New Hampshire, he got his first Kodak camera. When he was in middle school, his friend got a toy negative enlarger; they spent hours together, making prints from old negatives.

Jon had an in-home darkroom at one time, but by the time he became professional, digital photography was the norm. Still, he is well versed in light, lenses and apertures – a true professional.

Jon has networked with local photographers Wayne Tarr and Stina Booth, and he won a blue ribbon at Franklin County Field Days this summer for his photo of a single tree in the snow, in Fairfield, after a large storm.

Jon shoots a strong mix of posed and candid photos for his clients.

“I like shooting between poses, too, when the subject might not even realize I’m shooting,” Jon said. “Sometimes, those are the best shots.”

Jon earned his bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the University of New Hampshire in 1986. He also has a master’s degree in education and taught for two years in Spain. He has also taught at St. Johnsbury Academy and worked as a translator.

Jon entered the information technology (IT) field when he started writing technical manuals for AT&T. When he returned to Vermont, he spent 14 years at IBM; he and “420 of (his) closest friends” were laid off in July 2013.

Associates for Training and Development, in St. Albans, recently hired Jon as an employability trainer, meaning he will conduct computer-training sessions for seniors reentering the workforce.

In an ideal world, Jon would retire working at 10e Photography full-time.

“Then again,” he said, “if I were doing photography full-time, I’d probably never retire.”